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Event day – Seminar on Pre-Design Opportunities

28th August, 2015, exactly a year after Gallopper was launched with the aim of integrating and collaborating construction and development industry professionals, Sibani Sarma, Founder and CEO of Gallopper, introduced  the speakers at the seminar, Pre-Design opportunities to an exclusive group of architects and professionals, at Bandra East in Mumbai. Architect Naresh Shah,the lead speaker at the seminar, is a U.S. returned architect from Mumbai. He has worked in U.S.A for 35 years and has worked on Pre-Design as a prelude to architectural design.  Pre-design is the…

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Event Day- Unleashing Your Innovative Potential (A Workshop)

On August 14th, 2015 we were joined by Reena Dayal Yadav, Chevening scholar from Oxford University who is also the Chairperson of SNIA India and an innovation expert, having been part of a top Indian IT corporation for over 2 decades. She addressed a gathering of construction industry experts on the concept of “Unleashing Your Innovative Potential”. Being an expert in Innovation Management, Change Management and Integration, Reena conducted the workshop in association with Gallopper and Ambuja Foundations at the Ambuja Knowledge Centre in Andheri, Mumbai. The…

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Unleashing your Innovative Potential – A must-attend workshop

Gallopper and Ambuja Foundations present a workshop meant for construction industry professionals on Aug 14 at the Ambuja Innovation Centre in Mumbai. The workshop is aimed at making teams and individuals break pre-set moulds of thinking and also about training one’s own mind to think differently. The background of this session is the fact that our individual knowledge-base is built, based on our life experience and exposure to information, which is unique. Our thinking and reacting patterns are also unique. When we do problem solving (or strategizing)…

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