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10 facts about Solar Energy

10 facts about Solar Energy you always wanted to know but did not know whom to ask The amount of solar energy that hits the earth in one hour could take care of all the earth’s energy needs for an entire year! However, due to mountains, oceans, and other geographical constraints, most of this energy is impossible to collect through solar panels. The entire world uses solar energy every day. Trees need sunlight for photosynthesis. Humans need sunlight for Vitamin D. Rain is created through…

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“Architecture” is related to the various aspects of our life – Kamlesh Sheth

Veteran Architect Kamlesh Sheth, Lead at Kala Rachana Associates shares with Gallopper his journey as an Architect. On a philosophical note, he introspects on various aspects of the practice along with a subtle message to the younger generation of practitioners. Kamlesh Sheth has served IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designer) as Chairman for two consecutive terms. The photographs in the article are some of the work carried out by the Architect’s firm. “Architecture” is not a limited subject….it is related to the various aspects of our life…

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Impact of Breath on Well-being and Creativity

The quality of our life depends on the state of our mind. The leading cause of most major diseases in the world today is stress. This can be simply defined as the state of mind not being in the present moment. When we are caught up with emotional troubles of the past and the anxiety of the future we are hardly present and in the moment: thus our actions and decisions suffer. Our mind has a tendency to vacillate and as a result becomes unclear,…

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