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Water has always inspired the artist, because freedom is essential to both

“Water has always inspired the artist, because freedom is essential to both”. This simple principle is central to Serge Morana’s water design philosophy, the motto of his professional life, printed on every presentation folder of plans and technical brief he prepares for every client. French Swimming Pools and Spas Designer for over 25 years, a member of the Institute of Swimming Pools Engineers (UK), Serge Morana, specializes in Luxury and Unique Water Projects anywhere in the world. After spending a significant period of his career…

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“Do what you love” is what Gauri Argade strongly believes in. “Design is not a purpose, but a passion!”  is Gauri’s philosophy. She says, “design is an art which showcases ‘Passion’, ‘Beauty’ and ‘Creativity’.” Following this mantra, she derives uniqueness in each project. According to her, “a personal space reflects the expressions of a soul that resides in it. The first challenge lies in connecting to the soul and exploring its multi-faceted affinities. The next challenge lies in transforming these multi-dimensional aspects into a three dimensional…

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Designing a Mall with a soul

What do we say is a definition of a Mall. Mall is an enclosed space where we can shop. I would say “WRONG”. Mall is a Circus, A Broadway show, a 7d / 8d/10d movie….. A large entertainment platform which stimulates our senses and transports us to a happy space and yeah we also shop. Few Key Differentiators to design the right experience: Let’s start from the beginning–  The drive to the mall needs to be a smooth one. Make sure that approach road to…

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