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Designing a Mall with a soul

What do we say is a definition of a Mall. Mall is an enclosed space where we can shop. I would say “WRONG”. Mall is a Circus, A Broadway show, a 7d / 8d/10d movie….. A large entertainment platform which stimulates our senses and transports us to a happy space and yeah we also shop. Few Key Differentiators to design the right experience: Let’s start from the beginning–  The drive to the mall needs to be a smooth one. Make sure that approach road to…

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6 tips & tricks to Get Paid without Offending the Client

Here are 6 tips and tricks to navigate the tricky route of getting overdue invoices paid without offending your client. If you are lucky to work in the mortgages industry, very rarely do you have to chase receivables. However if you are a consultant, chasing your own money can be quite a challenge with many clients. Receivables are a delicate matter. Most clients, at the beginning of the contract intend to pay on time but several times due to the economic scenario faced by the…

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