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A BIG Thank you from Founder Sibani Sarma

A BIG thank you to the Speakers, Panelists, Sponsors, supporters and guests at Gallopper Talks 2018. I had never dreamt that my baby, Gallopper would grow up to give me such pride. I am completely overwhelmed just observing and absorbing the positive feedback that the Talks have received. I did just that the last couple of days as the shout outs got bigger and better every passing hour. I now feel like the Director of a mega blockbuster!! The Panel discussion, Meet the Millenials was a first timer…

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Impact of Breath on Well-being and Creativity

The quality of our life depends on the state of our mind. The leading cause of most major diseases in the world today is stress. This can be simply defined as the state of mind not being in the present moment. When we are caught up with emotional troubles of the past and the anxiety of the future we are hardly present and in the moment: thus our actions and decisions suffer. Our mind has a tendency to vacillate and as a result becomes unclear,…

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Is Design only for the wealthy ?

It is a common notion that Design is for the wealthy and not within the reach of everybody. This is a misconception as it is equally important to get a space designed when the user is trying to cut costs. Infact a project that truly inspires and allows a designer to get creative could be a budget-minded renovation. One may ask, “How is this possible?” Infact sometimes it requires more creativity to design a small space to make it functional, aesthetic, and budget thoughtful. In such cases the…

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