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Designing to make a difference -Nupur Prothi Khanna

“Designing to make a difference” is the key dictum to every design approach that Nupur Prothi Khanna develops. More often than not, landscape architecture is viewed as an add-on, or an adornment to built spaces. Its significance is undermined by the fact that it is invariably the last thing to arrive at site. Ironically though, Nupur states that it also makes the first impression! Nupur’s education in Physical Planning, Landscape Architecture and Heritage conservation has brought with it the realization that an important precursor to design…

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PowerHouse – A house that earns, and perhaps sends Priya to school

“I want to go to school”, said Priya to her mother, who was drying out the clothes and looked back at her in dismay. A family of 4, with 2 children, of which Priya was the older, was not sent to school for lack of funds and the need to supplement the family income, which was partly from cleaning houses and cultivating fields besides other odd jobs done by her father. “The soul of India, lives in its villages”, claimed Mahatma Gandhi in the 20th…

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