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Would you like to be featured on Getting featured here allows you and your work to be broadcast to those who need to know about your work. We feature ‘design-driven’ innovation. An approach which stems from the belief that people do not just purchase products, or services, they buy ‘meaning’ – where users’ needs are not only satisfied by form and function, but also through experience (meaning).

Who can submit?

  • Anyone who is in the domain of design and has worked on product/project/service which you wish to make visible to a wider audience.
  • Anyone who considers himself/herself an innovator and is/has been past of any initiative which has had or promises to change the way people live their lives.

What can you submit?

A writeup/story on a design-driven project / product / service, along with your personal profile and your company profile (if there is one).

Do remember to send us real photographs (not 3D views) of the project / product.


You could mail us all the details at with all your details (mentioned in ‘What can you submit?’ above) with a subject line “Wish to get featured on Gallopper”


We have now made it even easier; all you need to do is fill in your details below. Based on your entry, our team will decide the appropriate category within where you will be featured. In certain cases, we may contact you to explore your participation as a speaker at flagship event Gallopper Talks or for a video interview.

So go ahead and fill in your details below. Our editorial team will review your details and will promptly advise you if your work is synergistic with Gallopper’s mission, and/or if any editorial amendments are required.