Ramprasad Akisetti
Understanding psychology at the Workplace | A Talk

Ramprasad Akkisetti, is a Founder Managing Director of Christopher Charles Benninger Architects (CCBA). He has been in the creative space for the past 25 YEARS, leading the country’s premier architectural firm. Ram has dwelled in various academic fields from medicine, to psychology and anthropology, Ram has authored books such as ‘Psychology for Beginners’ being the first, to the latest, ‘Architecture for Modern India’ a monograph, published by Skira Rizzoli. Apart from being a publisher of one of the bestseller architectural book, “Letters to a young architect” in addition he has written about architecture extensively and published photographs in more than 100 journals and magazines in India and abroad. He is an advisor to the Pune Biennale 2017. He has toured around the world and lectured on Art, Architecture and Life style at several forums. Currently, he divides his time as a painter and a curator at IHA Gallery and as MD of a successful design firm.