Jürgen Wolf – Managing Director, Hafele South Asia

Mr. Jürgen Wolf
Managing Director – Hafele South Asia
Mr. Jürgen Wolf manages all Business Operations of the Hafele Group in South Asia including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, he holds a degree in Export Management from Germany. Across two decades of a truly international career Mr. Wolf was instrumental in developing various new markets in Asia, The Middle East region, North-America and Europe for the companies he was associated with. This core interest of setting up new markets guided him to join the Hafele Group in 2001 – the very year when the Global Group decided to start liaison operations in India. He has, since then, taken the Indian Subsidiary from a mere liaison office to the multi-regional Interiors Specialist giant that it is today. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Wolf has been instrumental in setting up new markets for Hafele in the different parts of South Asia through a well-established trade network and an exclusive Hafele Franchise set-up. He started with a team of 10 employees back in 2001 and has, over the years, hired and developed a talent pool of over 600 employees who cater to all possible customers through their individual competencies in business. He is a firm believer of concepts like learning, customer service and quality assurance; and has used these concepts very closely in developing the overall business of the company. Hafele today houses a fully competent team of Technical Trainers who are constantly reinventing the wheel of learning within the company as well as for close Industry Associates. In addition to this, the company has deployed an in-house customer care division with regional set-ups to attend to the feedback/queries/inquiries from customers. He is passionate about (understanding, acquiring and reconstructing) international home interior designs and trends; a personal interest that intersects strongly with his professional outlook. He has already envisioned ‘an India of the future’ and is always, actively bringing in such concepts, ideas and aspirations (in interior functionality and design) which would pave the way for this future.