Malaksingh Gill

Malaksingh Gill
Practicing Sustainable Architecture
Malaksingh Gill is a Mumbai based architect practicing architecture inspired by local traditional building materials, construction techniques and crafts since 1999. Following his graduation from Rachna Sansad, he did his Post graduation in Natural Resource Management from Ecological Society of India – Pune.   Inspired by the work of Padmashri Architect Shri Laurie Baker, Malaksingh went to Kerala to work in his organization COSTFORD. Having worked at various levels; as a designer, an engineer, but most importantly, as a mason, he decided to learn from the crafts persons and from buildings made in villages. Laurie Baker was inspired by Gandhiji, and Gandhiji gave the following specification for his house to be built in Sevagram, Wardha.
  • It should be built in a minimal cost.
  • All material should be from within 1km. around the site of construction.
  • It should be built by the local artisans.
  • It should have an image which merges with the landscape rather than stand out.
Here, one can can see that both these great personalities were humble enough to learn from the teachers, even if the teachers are in the villages. This has formed the approach to Malaksingh’s practice.   Having worked with and inspired by Master Architect Laurie Baker, Malaksingh is now working on propagating Baker’s vision in Maharashtra.