Sarika Panda Bhatt

Sarika Panda Bhatt
Founding member of Raahgiri Day and car free day

Sarika Panda Bhatt is an Architect, Urban Planner and avid cyclist. She has been consistently working with the Gurgaon police and administration for the past four years. Sarika has worked on various projects to improve road safety and promote non-motorised transport in the millennium city.

She is one of the founding members of Raahgiri Day and car free day, the two sustainable transport initiatives that have put Gurgaon on the global map and are being replicated in over 40 other cities across the country as Happy Streets, Equal Streets and Raahgiri.

Besides these, Sarika has also helped Gurgaon police with its road safety summer camp for hundreds of school children last year. She is also part of Gurgaon police’ Society for Safe Gurgaon (SSG) and is handling issues related to women’s safety, being the only female member of SSG.

As an urban planner she has conducted road audits for several roads in Gurgaon, She has also developed a plan for model street design for a busy street in Gurgaon that connects NH-8 with Huda City Centre metro station, the last metro station of the city.

Recently, Sarika has also started helping Karnal with its proposal for smart city. In Karnal, she has helped start Car Free Day, Raahgiri Day and other sustainable initiatives.