Sree Kumar. K

Sree Kumar K.
Transit Oriented Development
Sree Kumar believes that Indian urban life can be positively improved by applying simple sense in the way we plan and organize our cities. His search is to address that, while the current urbanization of India is an excitement for everyone, it is also a onetime opportunity for us to ensure that we do not consume our natural and cultural resources which are meant to be saved for future generations. He is involved in advising several cities in preparing their policies, urban and regional plans, urban design and architectural projects. He currently works with World Resources Institute, India, in supporting legislative reforms in planning, Transit Oriented Development, public space improvements and recently in Smart Cities Program. Early this year, he took part in International Visitors Leadership Program on Sustainable Cities, a premier professional exchange programconducted by U.S. Department of State.He also enjoys academia, isbeing involved as a resource person for e-Patshala Program, preparing e-course material for Urban Design Education in India, under preparation by University Grant Commission, Government of India. Sree Kumar has Master’s degree in Urban Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad; Master’s in Population Studies from IIPS, Mumbai; and B. Arch from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.