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“Future of Facilities Management” – FM Xchange, Development2020

Nimitt Karia and Tanvi Karia, Founders of ‘Development2020’, a multi disciplinary development and project management firm, with prime emphasis on the building industry, have recently released a White Paper on the Future of Facilities Management. With their keen interest and international experience in looking at Design as well as Buildings from ‘in-use’, ‘post occupancy’ point of view, they operate a division within the organisation in Strategic Briefing and Facilities Management Consultancy. This arm is known as FM Xchange. With Gallopper’s deep interest in knowledge sharing,…

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Crowdsourcing Eyeballs @Gallopper

We have now launched Gallopper TV. This is the Indian Construction and Building Industry’s first focused YouTube channel. We have begun by putting up soul-searching interviews with a few from the sector, who are doing path-breaking work. Those featured, refrain from talking about project details, as we delve deep into their souls to find the inspiration behind such works. In many ways, the essence is in line with our flagship program Gallopper Talks. We are crowdsourcing eyeballs for the Construction and Building industry. How do…

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Construction Equipment Finance and Leasing

After a slowdown of four years, the construction equipment industry in India is seeing a steady revival. Growth figures are expected to reach $5 billion by 2020 from $2.8 billion today, according to ICEMA. The industry’s revenue estimates are touted at $22.7 billion and the sale of construction equipment is expected to increase to approximately 100,000 units by 2020. According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, businesses, governments, and other organizations spent $1.5 trillion on new equipment in 2015. Infrastructure development is the government’s…

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