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Rajnish Jain – Burning pine needles to light up homes

Rajnish Jain, Speaker at Gallopper Talks 2016, enthralled the audience with his concern on the repleting natural resources of the Earth.  In a world where economy is pitted against ecology, Avani strives to create business models for a better earth, that enhances both, be it the business of making naturally dyed hand made textiles, or making natural colours for various colouring application, or generating modern clean energy from destructive pine needles, or growing organic vegetables from treated waste water. Rajnish Jain, co-founder of Avani, strongly…

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Office Interior Designing in changing Business Environment

With business environments getting more and more competitive, designing offices is getting less and less importance. This does not mean that organisations do not hire designers any longer. It is just that the expectations from the designers are changing very quickly. This is not only due to the high costs involved but also due to Standardization and fast paced technological changes. Many large organisations today have a Standardization Manual which has a pre defined “look and feel”, so while a designer may be hired for…

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Insights on the need for Affordable Mass Housing – Prashant Sutaria

“Architecture is the sacred work of combining art and technology to enhance the beauty of Mother Earth” opines Prashant Sutaria, Principal architect at Prashant Sutaria Architects, who has been practising since the last 25 years. Prashant wishes to play an important role in designing new urban landscape for the country. With an impetus to create affordable housing building complexes of high quality Prashant Sutaria, has founded ‘The Center of Living And Planning For Tomorrow’. By committing to contribute significantly in creating better raised environment for…

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