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Finding Simplicity, for herself and for her clients; Architect Aarati Pai

“We design, we supervise, we build and we have a blast doing it all”, exclaims Architect Aarati Pai , who has been practicing for 2 decades with a wide range of experience across Interior Design, Architecture and Masterplanning.

Aarati Pai at her lounge
Aarati Pai at her lounge

“And why only us, why don’t we include our clients as well…”, she pauses. “…we want to make it simple for clients to imagine design.” In a quest for simplicity, a few years back Aarati started “Urbanize Design Lounge” in Pune. It is an airy, ‘go-as-you-like’ lounge, set in a lounge format. Clients and lovers of design can come down and spend an afternoon for design related pow wow while sipping coffee. The lounge is adorned with material samples, nicely catalogued. The relaxed ambience, accentuated by light music makes it a relaxing design experience for visitors. Those with a mired notion of design go back with a feeling of ease after a few hours spent in the lounge.

Click here to watch the interview
Click here to watch the interview

“The most difficult part is to make it simple”, mentions Aarati. Anything heavy and authoritative about design makes her feel bogus since she is always searching for simplicity in design. Every line must be meaningful and beautiful; simple yet striking. Urbanize Design Studio is part of this mission, making it easy for those who find design complex. Visitors to her lounge include those who need their homes designed, people who plan to get their office design and several walk-ins who she labels as “lovers of design”.

“It takes courage to follow your calling. It’s very tempting and easy to wait at the sea shore. But you haven’t lived if you don’t jump in the ocean and swim against the current.” Aarati signs off.

Watch her video here

Insights on the need for Affordable Mass Housing – Prashant Sutaria

“Architecture is the sacred work of combining art and technology to enhance the beauty of Mother Earth” opines Prashant Sutaria, Principal architect at Prashant Sutaria Architects, who has been practising since the last 25 years. Prashant wishes to play an important role in designing new urban landscape for the country. With an impetus to create affordable housing building complexes of high quality Prashant Sutaria, has founded ‘The Center of Living And Planning For Tomorrow’. By committing to contribute significantly in creating better raised environment for…

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Innovation Expert, Reena Dayal on the need for Innovation in the Construction Industry

Innovation Expert, Reena Dayal, part of a top IT conglomerate and a Chevening scholar from Oxford University expresses her views on the need for innovation across sectors with emphasis on the Construction Industry. She is the Chairperson of SNIA India. She is an expert on Innovation Management, Change Management and Integration, Culture of Innovation; a Technologist, an author and a regular speaker at industry forums.

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