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Dance and Architecture are bound together for Rama Sane

“Any idea which is logically channelized with respect to its space is a positive design,” opines Rama Sane, an Architect and a Bharatnatyam Dancer. Rama follows her passion for performance with a creative outlook. She shares her views on not only the co-relation between Dance and Architecture, she is also in a conversation, on her experience of having studied advanced Architecture and practiced in the West. After her architectural graduation in Pune, Rama completed a post-graduation in Architectural Design from the University of Sydney, Australia. She worked for…

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Water has always inspired the artist, because freedom is essential to both

“Water has always inspired the artist, because freedom is essential to both”. This simple principle is central to Serge Morana’s water design philosophy, the motto of his professional life, printed on every presentation folder of plans and technical brief he prepares for every client. French Swimming Pools and Spas Designer for over 25 years, a member of the Institute of Swimming Pools Engineers (UK), Serge Morana, specializes in Luxury and Unique Water Projects anywhere in the world. After spending a significant period of his career…

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Financial Freedom for construction industry professionals – Ketan Sonalkar

Ketan Sonalkar, an architect from Sir J.J.College of Architecture coupled with an MBA(Finance) has over 15 years of working experience.  He started his career as an Architect. A flair for Finance and Investing led him onto a path of discovery that Designers and most other professionals are often far removed from Finance and are often unable to take sound financial decisions for their own projects and businesses. To address this need Ketan has devised various modules of workshops helping professionals understand Finance for their businesses which have…

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