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5 reasons Organisations should opt for Restacking.

Many organisations are taking the Restacking route of their office space in order to save costs or to help in organising inter departmental coordination for a higher business purpose. The way people work and the workplace itself, has changed dramatically. Work from home, desk sharing, hot desking, hoteling and open collaborative spaces are just a few of the trends causing real estate and facilities groups to adjust to new, cost-effective spaces to keep up with this change. Many organisations have seen the downsizing of operations leaving…

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5 sure ways to keep loving the job you do

Do you love the job you are doing?  Do you feel that somewhere along the line the love has faded and is replaced just by necessity, only because it helps take care of your bills! It may be the Boss, who is doing this to you, or maybe a coworker is making your every move difficult. It could also be that the organisation’s business culture simply hampers your style. If you are doing your own thing, which is very often in the Building Industry,  just a very…

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Top 5 Challenges impacting Professionals of the Interior Design Industry

In recent times there has been a huge change in the way the Interior Design Industry functions. Interior Design as an Industry has been a very recent inclusion in people’s lives in India and it had just about begun to receive recognition in the past decade or two. However, even before being established it is seeing a slew of changes and challenges. 1. The Internet: The Internet has had a huge impact on the Interior Design Industry. Everybody has an access to the Internet and…

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