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Architecture combines knowledge from all disciplines : from geology to metaphysics to philosophy

“Together, we develop spaces that are sensitive and contextual, thus evolving a new design language,”  is the philosophy of WEBE Design Lab. WeBe design lab is a young partnership of 8 architects: Udhya Rajan whose administrative skills are a great asset, Sathish Vasanth, whose digital skills are used in the evaluation and running of technical infrastructure,  Yogesh Chandrahasan a perfectionist, has an eye for detail and model making simultaneously improving the presentation and Illustration for WEBE. Then there is Madhumitha,  who is into programming and planning…

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Creating a balance between green, luxury and economy

“Eco-engineering to make affordable Green”, is the unique selling proposition of Bhuvan Ashish, an architect whose motive is to create meaningful and sensible spaces which are self sustaining in nature. Every design element is thoroughly scrutinized before implementation, to its actual necessity, its intent and its impact on the project and the environment. Ashish comes from a background of having worked on large infrastructure and commercial projects where he picked up the nuances of project management and detailing. He got introduced to Green Architecture during…

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A building is complete only when people start living in it

“Architecture is not merely about creation, it is a search.  From social aspects to the mechanics of spaces and forms, from the beauty of light and shadow to striking a harmony with nature, it is essentially a continuing process of discovery and cohesion in the world. The journey is what contributes to our growth”, says Abin Chaudhuri. Abin graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1998 and pursued specialisation in Industrial Design at Domus Academy, Milan in 2003. He is an architect, innovator, quirky designer and…

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