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The new should carry forward the heritage and culture and not to erase it

“Design is a constant process to innovate, create and reinvent itself for a better living. The design style though modern always has space for innovative use of materials with a contemporary clean design sensibility,” feels Archana Shah. A graduate from Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai, with a specialization in interior designing , Archana Shah established Archana Shah & Associates and is well known at the national level amongst the Architecture and Interior Design fraternity. Landscaping, Styling, Graphic designing, Designing Signage, Art installations, Theme based Decorations,…

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Lesser the design brief, greater is the responsibility of the designer

“Sometimes you really have to break the rules to make things look different.” This statement holds true in the featured project ‘Blitzz Sports Café’ in Chennai. The brief was simple ‘design a sports themed café, which is original and true to the theme.’ Space Sense, MD & CEO Rtn. K.Senthil Ram feels “The lesser the brief, greater the responsibility; and needless to say the freedom that comes with it. It is projects like these that designers yearn for, and is a designer’s delight.” SPACE SENSE…

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A Fluidic, Seamless Home – A Breather from the Chaos

“Freedom is that frame where the mind, body and soul are in unison. One space actually lets you grow in it without anything coming in your way, it lets you breathe almost like you were safely nested in the womb. Openness, purity, cleanness, no unnecessary clutter, soothing, timelessness are a few attributes for this space. In this totally claustrophobic, chaotic world, this space transcends you into a different zone where you can spend some time delving into your mind & reading into energies within yourself…

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