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Architectural Journalist, Apurva Bose Dutta

“One of the key facets of my professional career has been engaging with the architectural fraternity as well as the student community. One of the common queries of these budding architects is how to tread on a career path of Architectural Journalism. During such times, I feel an upsurge of two contrasting emotions within myself – one of elation, and one of dismay…Elation, that there is an unprecedented interest in the subject, and dismay, wondering when the subject would become mainstream in the architectural curriculum…

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Dr. Sumit Chowdhury – Global thought leader in the field of Smart Cities, Telecom and Information analytics

“I believe that Smartness is not a destination. It is not a ‘certificate’ that you will get at the end of project or a series of projects that will declare that you as ‘SMART’.” This is Dr Sumit Chowdhury’s view on Smart Cities, which is both unique and philosophical. Dr. Sumit Chowdhury is a global thought leader in the field of Smart Cities, Telecom and Information analytics. He is the Founder of Gaia Smart Cities and was a President of Reliance Jio and worked in IBM, Reliance…

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Urban Development expert, Ramola Naik Singru

“Asian cities have dense urban environments. We must encourage retrofit solutions that are low carbon and cost-effective through technological solutions that include new and traditional coping mechanisms. New technologies can motivate social innovations and greater community participation thus making cities inclusive.” This is what Urban Development expert, Ramola Naik Singru strongly believes. Ms.Naik Singru has an international multi-disciplinary expertise, with more than 16 years experience, spanning Project Management, Technical Advisory, Research, Knowledge Management and Capacity Building and efficiently managing multi-stakeholder and multi-sector projects with the Asian…

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