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Designers, Bloggers and Writers : Gallopper welcomes you to write features

Gallopper welcomes bloggers and writers to do features for us. We will give you credit and your name and details will prominently feature in each of your articles. Your articles will be promoted across social media. Gallopper is a platform which brings about networking opportunities and create an ecosystem for dialogues and conversations to improve the functioning of the development industry. Gallopper attempts to bring forth the best that the industry has to offer. Gallopper TV is our dedicated channel for videos of people who are doing innovative/inspiring work…

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Is Design only for the wealthy ?

It is a common notion that Design is for the wealthy and not within the reach of everybody. This is a misconception as it is equally important to get a space designed when the user is trying to cut costs. Infact a project that truly inspires and allows a designer to get creative could be a budget-minded renovation. One may ask, “How is this possible?” Infact sometimes it requires more creativity to design a small space to make it functional, aesthetic, and budget thoughtful. In such cases the…

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WINGS, a poem by Simran Patankar

Contributed by Simran Patankar, 1st Year Student of Architecture, Dr. Baliram Hiray College of Architecture, Mumbai. If only I’d have wings to fly, I would’ve soared high up in the sky. And travelled to Paris, New York and Dubai To see their wonders while they’re still alive! The mesmerising palaces now look bare. The precious stones snatched away without a care! Had the king of the palace been still alive, I absolutely would’ve understood his despair. Heritage buildings have now become a place To show…

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