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Financial Freedom for construction industry professionals – Ketan Sonalkar

Ketan Sonalkar, an architect from Sir J.J.College of Architecture coupled with an MBA(Finance) has over 15 years of working experience.  He started his career as an Architect. A flair for Finance and Investing led him onto a path of discovery that Designers and most other professionals are often far removed from Finance and are often unable to take sound financial decisions for their own projects and businesses. To address this need Ketan has devised various modules of workshops helping professionals understand Finance for their businesses which have…

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Women lead, in Indian construction. Forget the “Despite being a woman” talk!

Santosh Parulekar, dispels myth and fires a salvo at the “despite being a woman” debate by demonstrating how women working on construction sites in India are adding much needed muscle to the industry. Absenteeism is very low compared to male statistics, productivity is higher and more interestingly earnings are used for the family’s social and financial upliftment. The statistics for men are way different.

Quitting his cushy job in the west with a Bank, Santosh Parulekar started Pipal Tree Ventures for skill development and capacity building in rural India. At Gallopper Talks, CEO and Co Founder, Parulekar amazes the audience with his journey so far and why women need to be empowered right at grass-root level.

Listen to Santosh’s talk outlining groundbreaking work and realisations here

Designing a new God

Rajnish Hedao at Gallopper Tallks

Renowned production designer Rajnish Hedao regales the audience with “behind the scene” stories from blockbuster Indian movies like 3 Idiots, Bhaag Milkha, PK and others. The sheer grit and hard work that goes goes into the process…well, there are no short cuts when you are gunning for perfection. Rajnish touches upon his childhood and the games he used to play and how that shaped his thinking later on in his life.

Watch the video here.


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