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Improving Quality of Living Spaces

Sanjay Bahadur's inspirational journey at Gallopper Talks 2015
Sanjay Bahadur’s inspirational journey at Gallopper Talks 2015

Sanjay Bahadur is the global CEO at Pidilite, a highly respected player in adhesives, art material, construction chemicals and other industrial chemicals. In this succinct talk Sanjay outlines his life story of how be came to be associated with one innovative process after the other in the construction industry. Click here to watch his talk.

Speakers on Gallopper Talks

Speakers' take on Gallopper Talks
Speakers’ take on Gallopper Talks

Speakers at the first edition of Gallopper Talks open up about their impression on the mission.

Leading Architect, who brought a lump in the throat with his story of grit and perseverance shares his feedback on the need for a platform like Gallopper Talks. Others who share their thoughts here are celebrated Structural Engineer Chetan Raikar, Production Designer Rajnish Hedao, well known Bee Keeper Shrikant Gajbhiye, Sanjay Bahadur – Global CEO at Pidilite Industries, Spanish Architect Maria Leon and well known social activist Santosh Parulekar, Founder of Pipal Tree Ventures.


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