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We are a collaboration platform around the overarching theme ‘How will humans work and live in the future’. Do write in to us at if you would like to have a chat around this or any sub-theme. We primarily offer the following partnering opportunities:

  1. Share stories online: If you have a story to share about a project or an innovation to talk about or a unique design that you were involved in, we can co-create that story for you in the form of articles and videos. It does not matter whether you are an individual or a company. You can see multiple examples of this across this website.
  2. Offline events: If you would like an event to be curated, around a belief that you may have or a product, a book or an innovation, we can do that through a combination of offline events like talks, book readings, workshops and others. Such events are also covered extensively on our and partner online platforms. Here is an example.
  3. Research: We curate and conduct research projects for and with product manufacturers, tech suppliers, sociologists, scientists, thought leaders, academia and researchers. This collaborative approach often leads to the co-creation or products and services. Powerhouse is an example of such collaboration.

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