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The sun never knew how great it was until it struck the side of a building – Louis Kahn

This is an article of a series on the masters of Architecture. Louis Kahn was born in Pärnu, Estonia, on February 20, 1901. His family immigrated to the United States when Kahn was a child. Louis Kahn attended Philadelphia’s Central High School and the Public Industrial Art School. He later studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was mentored by the French-born architect Paul Crete. Kahn received his degree in architecture in 1924 at the University of Pennsylvania and opened his own firm…

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Walkie Talkie Building in London

The Walkie Talkie is a large skyscraper in the city of London. The official name of the building is 20 Fenchurch Street, but the nickname has become so popular that almost no one refers to the official name. The nick name Walkie-Talkie is derived from the shape of the building which resembles the famous radio communication device. The 34-storey building is 160 m (525 ft) tall, making it the fifth-tallest building in the City of London. Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly and costing over £200 million, 20 Fenchurch Street…

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Institute of Driving and Training Research (IDTR) – Designed for Road Safety

Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR), a first of its kind initiative in India designed for road safety. It all began in the year 1998 when it was realized that road safety had become a major issue for metropolitan cities like Delhi. The accident rate was getting alarmingly high and the driving discipline and training was falling weak. There was an indomitable need to develop a training facility to control the situation. In this scenario, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd took the initiative in partnership…

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