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Redefining Landscapes For Public Interest

Creators Architects, a practice serving community for three decades, holds a culture of young and fresh thinking shuns preconceived conception of subject matters, is one of the early practices. Led by Ar. Rajiv Gupta (Sr. Partner), Ar. Mukta Gupta (Sr. Partner), and Ar. Utssav Gupta (Partner), the practice indulges in solution finding by means of strong research foundation which serves as an advantage to explore new domains keeping their core philosophies and belief; sustainability and community being the strong ones.Their interests and passion to explore…

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The secret is to Work Less as Individuals & More as a Team- Rajesh Sheth

“Whenever I design a space, I always look into the smallest detail, from the beginning till it’s fully furnished. The accessories that you put must complement the design”, say Rajesh Sheth, who with a notion to introduce exceptional and fresh design to the residential and commercial sectors, laid the foundation for Designer’s Circle in the year 1987. Designer’s Circle believes in adding a distinctive charm to the space along with a sense of comfort which well defines contemporary living. Well-equipped with a team of qualified…

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Gallopper Talks 2016 Pune – A report

The overriding intention of Gallopper Talks is to push the Building and Construction industry forward, to embrace change and innovation, and to foster greater collaboration across the board. Technology has opened up new worlds of once-unthinkable opportunities. Firms just need to know where to look. Gallopper Talks Pune was successful in bringing together national industry thought leaders and change agents for a high-impact, collaborative event and to deepen the attendees’ understanding of the unprecedented power and possibilities now available to those who design, build, operate,…

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