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Crowdsourcing Eyeballs @Gallopper

We have now launched Gallopper TV. This is the Indian Construction and Building Industry’s first focused YouTube channel. We have begun by putting up soul-searching interviews with a few from the sector, who are doing path-breaking work. Those featured, refrain from talking about project details, as we delve deep into their souls to find the inspiration behind such works. In many ways, the essence is in line with our flagship program Gallopper Talks. We are crowdsourcing eyeballs for the Construction and Building industry. How do…

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Gallopper Talks

Gallopper Talks is a mission centred around a series of 2 hour evening programs, comprising of short talks to celebrate change-makers, who are trying to answer the question “How will humans work and live in the future?”. Speakers highlight stories of their breakthroughs, innovations and inspirations. The talks are structured and practiced with each speaker talking no more than 15 minutes. Six speakers make up an inspirational evening of 2 hours, interspersed by an inspirational piece of performing art for 10 minutes. Write to us…

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