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WHAT IS PRE-DESIGN Pre-Design is a process that defines the function of the development in terms of building and site, with respect to budget and schedule. It translates the client’s hopes, wishes and wants into what the client really needs. This is a collaborative process between Predesigners and a client. It is an ongoing interaction where the client is required to give inputs and make decisions based on the findings and alternatives presented by the Predesigners. It validates and balances client’s needs against the constraints…

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Madhav Pai, Building cities with sustainable transport for all

“On the 8th of April 2002, I heard a speech that deeply inspired me and forever changed the way I think. Enrique Penalosa, the ex Mayor of Bogota spoke of his vision to build cities for children’s happiness and not for automobile’s mobility. He shared with us his incredible journey to make this grand vision a reality, during his 3 years as Mayor. As a recent graduate from the UC Berkeley transport engineering program, the talk made a strong impression. It challenged much of what…

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Dr. Sumit Chowdhury – Global thought leader in the field of Smart Cities, Telecom and Information analytics

“I believe that Smartness is not a destination. It is not a ‘certificate’ that you will get at the end of project or a series of projects that will declare that you as ‘SMART’.” This is Dr Sumit Chowdhury’s view on Smart Cities, which is both unique and philosophical. Dr. Sumit Chowdhury is a global thought leader in the field of Smart Cities, Telecom and Information analytics. He is the Founder of Gaia Smart Cities and was a President of Reliance Jio and worked in IBM, Reliance…

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