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“God is truly in the details” – Amit Porwal

“At IPIPL we believe God is truly in the details”. Icon Projects Inspace Pvt Ltd Is led by the astute vision and passion of its Principal Designer Amit Porwal. He is an alumnus of the highly-acclaimed Rachna Sansad of Interior Design and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management holding diploma in interior design and construction management respectively. According to Porwal, “Our Vision is to keep our designs sensitive to the context, client and environment”. IPIPL was established in 2003 in Mumbai before expanding to Kolkata. From past…

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A stickler for detail – Urvi Singhania

A meticulous eye for detail and style from early days combined with an urge to create design and bring it to life, brought Mumbai based designer Urvi Singhania to do a foundation course on the principles of design at B. D. Somani with Kanika Bawa and thereon pursue a course in interior design at Rachna Sansad. A few years later and having trained under the tutelage of renowned Interior Designer Tejal Mathur, Urvi has made her mark in the profession as a stickler for detail where…

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Scaling down details to make children friendly spaces – Mrinal Bhatia

To have a conversation about Peppa pig, sea astronauts, gymnastics or play kitchen-kitchen with my toddler clients has been tougher than sketching the skyline of Chicago at -4 degrees with my fingers numb wrapped in woollen gloves for a sketching class or even being up until wee hours of morning trying to send out a door and hardware schedule for 100 odd doors. My research and home work was actually watching these shows and spending more time with this age group while working on their…

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