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Raja Arjun transcends boundaries of project briefs

Raja Arjun, Founder and Design Manager at Office of Cognitive Design (OCD) believes in pushing the boundaries and thinking out of the box. His work transcends boundaries of project briefs and enters realms of co-creating new experiences for users of products and spaces designed by their team. Architect and Strategist Raja Arjun, a blend of an architect and design thinking expert, talks about using research and design for positive societal growth and also minimizing ones footprint on the environment. Watch Raja Arjun in conversation with…

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Collaborate with us

We are a collaboration platform around the overarching theme ‘How will humans work and live in the future’. Do write in to us at gallopper@gallopper.com if you would like to have a chat around this or any sub-theme. We primarily offer the following partnering opportunities: Share stories online: If you have a story to share about a project or an innovation to talk about or a unique design that you were involved in, we can co-create that story for you in the form of articles…

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Sharing stories of those who are shaping the way humans will work and live in the future ✍️ A PLATFORM Gallopper is a platform which showcases and curates beliefs, ideas, products, services and stories from those who are shaping the way humans will work and live in the future. This is done through: Our online presence across Facebook Page,  Facebook community, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn Offline meets like Gallopper Talks and Workshops Book readings As the original founders of this platform were Architects and Designers, we began…

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