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Architectural Journalism demarcates the difference between pure soulful Architecture and mere Construction.

“An architect designs but is not valued”, is what bothers Himani who completed her Bachelors in Architecture from Vastu Kala College of Architecture, New Delhi. In conversation with Gallopper when asked, “Why Architectural Journalism after all those five years of drafting and creations of a new world for someone?”, an Architectural Journalist and Public Relations Consultant by choice and profession, Himani Ahuja says that it is about her passion and if she can amalgamate both Architecture & Journalism together, then why not? It is about…

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Never Nine, Where art meets function- Rajesh Sheth

”Our aim is to create a space that is balanced – beautiful and functional, contemporary and timeless, simple and clever, sensual and practical”, opines Rajesh Sheth who with a notion to introduce exceptional and fresh design to the residential and commercial sectors, laid the foundation for Designer’s Circle. Designer’s Circle was formed with the intention of bringing high quality interior design to the residential and commercial marketplaces. With a focus to create spaces that enhance their clients business, Sheth prefers working in close collaboration with…

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Emphasising scale, proportion and integration over decoration- Simeen Quraishi

“What inspired us today has changed to what inspired us yesterday”, says Simeen. With the collective professional experience that encompasses a wide array of design types, Riyaz Quraishi and Simeen Quraishi, the designer couple, have been behind fulfilling the dreams of many demanding clients. “We travel extensively; and have been fortunate to see some of the works by masters like Frank Gehry and Norman Foster. Such works consciously inspire us with the sheer scale of the projects, the deft handling of the internal spaces, the…

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