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Life is short. Let’s build stuff that matters – Ar. Sabeena Khanna

Architect Sabeena believes in Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Simplicity is the intimate sophistication”. Architectural inspiration came to her at an early age from her father, Ar. V.N Shah, who spearheaded Haryana and Himachal Pradesh for almost 20 years as Chief Architect. Sabeena Khanna travelled the length and breadth of these states with him and was fascinated to see new places and cultures, meet people and even visit construction sites. Little did she realize that by participating in daily discussions or travelling with her father, she was…

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Simple ways of designing/operating a GREEN Workplace

Workplaces use large amounts of electricity, paper, water, plastic and other resources and organizations spend an incredible amount of money on them. Healthy and efficient workplaces save money for an organisation, benefit the environment by reducing pollution and the demand for resources. Such workplaces also make employees feel healthier, which in turn has a positive impact on employee productivity. The building industry specialists at Gallopper.com have compiled a few tips to consider on some of the resources which can ensure a green workspace. These would…

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“Do what you can, with what you have and where you are” is the firm belief of Nimitt Karia who has worked with, and on buildings designed by internationally renowned architects such as Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Wilkinson Eyre, Arup Associates. Nimitt has a broad experience gained on many large scale industrial, commercial, residential, academic and airport projects amassed over 10 years in practice. Until 2005 he had been managing multi million pound projects in the City of London on projects such as Plantation Place,…

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