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Communication in Design & Architecture – Sibani Sarma

This piece has been written by Ar. Sibani Sarma, Founder of Gallopper. Besides being the Editor of Gallopper, Sibani often helps designers to curate their projects as well as in creating well researched marketing, branding, promotional, advertorial articles for designers and building product manufacturers.

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The Rich Labourer

    A move like the demonetization of higher denomination Indian currency bills, with deep impact in the lives of every Indian, appears drastic at first look. Months of planning may have gone behind its announcement and deployment. Or may not. Everyone wants to be innovative. People do. Organisations do. So do governments. This is not only for the sake of being different, but being innovative is necessary for survival today. Everyone’s understanding of the path to innovation is different. Irrespective of the path that one…

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About 1

OUR MOTTO: DO GOOD. RELAX. In addition to sustainable perspective change in the design industry, we believe passionately in travel, music, good food, great friends, long talks, broadened horizons + a spirit of adventure. We are also 100% positive the world would be a better place if everyone spent 15 minutes a day doing good for someone outside their families. Gallopper was thus born as a collaboration platform for the design fraternity. We help collaborate with the belief that collaboration should be as exciting and fun as…

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