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Rajnish Jain – Burning pine needles to light up homes

Rajnish Jain, Speaker at Gallopper Talks 2016, enthralled the audience with his concern on the repleting natural resources of the Earth.  In a world where economy is pitted against ecology, Avani strives to create business models for a better earth, that enhances both, be it the business of making naturally dyed hand made textiles, or making natural colours for various colouring application, or generating modern clean energy from destructive pine needles, or growing organic vegetables from treated waste water. Rajnish Jain, co-founder of Avani, strongly…

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Architect Madhavi Desai, professor, writer and speaker, and most of all a committed feminist – a Trail Blazer!

“To ask how I feel about writing is to ask how I feel about architecture”, fervently exclaims Madhavi Desai, renowned architect and a passionate writer, at the advent of publishing (By Routledge, UK) the very first such book in South Asia titled, Women Architects and Modernism in India: Narratives and Contemporary Practices. The book compiles the life and works of established women architects of the twenty-first century while also profiling some of the historical practioners of the country. Besides following her passion for writing, Madhavi…

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