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4 Tips to achieve the elusive Work-Life Balance

Does striving for work-life balance and the focus on living a fuller, more complete life have to begin at the organizational level or is it you – the individual – who has to ensure it? Organisations implement various approaches – some traditional, others progressive – to help their people achieve a holistic work-life construct. These range from career coaching that helps employees navigate conflicting personal & professional commitments to flexible work-policies that allow them to make better use of their time. However, bringing in a…

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PowerHouse – A house that earns, and perhaps sends Priya to school

“I want to go to school”, said Priya to her mother, who was drying out the clothes and looked back at her in dismay. A family of 4, with 2 children, of which Priya was the older, was not sent to school for lack of funds and the need to supplement the family income, which was partly from cleaning houses and cultivating fields besides other odd jobs done by her father. “The soul of India, lives in its villages”, claimed Mahatma Gandhi in the 20th…

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Health Care Infrastructure Specialist, Kshititi Nagarkar’s project, Ranka Hospital in Pune

The Hospital caters to the growing demands for quality healthcare in the southern part of Pune having a built up area of 25,000 sq.ft of New Wing and 20,000 sq.ft of Existing Hospital. It is a Brown Field project, which is an extension to an existing 50 bedded facility. Bed Strength : 75 beds with 16 ICU beds Started in the year 2000 with 50 Beds, Ranka hospital has now expanded its base to 75 beds including state of the art emergency medical care including patient friendly…

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