Finding Simplicity, for herself and for her clients; Architect Aarati Pai

“We design, we supervise, we build and we have a blast doing it all”, exclaims Architect Aarati Pai , who has been practicing for 2 decades with a wide range of experience across Interior Design, Architecture and Masterplanning.

Aarati Pai at her lounge
Aarati Pai at her lounge

“And why only us, why don’t we include our clients as well…”, she pauses. “…we want to make it simple for clients to imagine design.” In a quest for simplicity, a few years back Aarati started “Urbanize Design Lounge” in Pune. It is an airy, ‘go-as-you-like’ lounge, set in a lounge format. Clients and lovers of design can come down and spend an afternoon for design related pow wow while sipping coffee. The lounge is adorned with material samples, nicely catalogued. The relaxed ambience, accentuated by light music makes it a relaxing design experience for visitors. Those with a mired notion of design go back with a feeling of ease after a few hours spent in the lounge.

Click here to watch the interview
Click here to watch the interview

“The most difficult part is to make it simple”, mentions Aarati. Anything heavy and authoritative about design makes her feel bogus since she is always searching for simplicity in design. Every line must be meaningful and beautiful; simple yet striking. Urbanize Design Studio is part of this mission, making it easy for those who find design complex. Visitors to her lounge include those who need their homes designed, people who plan to get their office design and several walk-ins who she labels as “lovers of design”.

“It takes courage to follow your calling. It’s very tempting and easy to wait at the sea shore. But you haven’t lived if you don’t jump in the ocean and swim against the current.” Aarati signs off.

Watch her video here

Pre-Design is as important to architects and clients as diagnosis is to doctors and patients

Naresh Shah, an architect with a successful practice in the USA for 35 years, who claims to be neither a Pre-Designer nor a teacher, has been actually teaching Pre-Design across India for the past few years since his return.

On his return to India he realized the practice of Pre-Design as a supplementary architectural service was nonexistent. His sole exposure to design instruction at a college revealed that the students were neither taught Pre-Design nor allowed enough time for predesign. So, instead of fighting the system, he along with his colleague, Prasad Anaokar, developed predesign workshop as an aid for design and thesis projects for the students.


Picture1 Picture2 Picture3Naresh Shah will be conducting a seminar, “Pre-Design Opportunities” on 28th August 2015 at Bandra, Mumbai, which is being co-hosted by Gallopper.


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11:00 – 11:30        Registration and Coffee

11:30 – 12:30        What Is Predesign

12:30 – 1:30           Buffet Lunch and Networking

1:30 –     2:30           Predesign Process

2:30 – 3:00             Tea and short Networking break

3:00 – 4:00             Predesign Opportunities

Who should attend :

  1. Professional Planners, Architects and Interior Designers.
  2. Planners, Architects and Interior Designers employed with Corporates and Institutions
  3. Facilities personnel (Contract, Project Managers, Real Estate, Finance, Maintainance) for Corporates and Institutions.
  4. Professional Research and Advisory Managers.
  5. Real Estate Fund Managers
  6. Real Estate Risk Analysts

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Was rebuilding the Taj a bigger challenge, or was it something else?

Chetan Interview 2.png
Click here to watch the video

Celebrated Structural Consultant and Restoration Architect, Mr. Chetan Raikar, Chairman and MD, Structwell Designers & Consultants – the man behind rebuilding the Taj, post the terror attacks, speaks about his biggest challenges. Here is a snapshot on what is it that he feels plagues the Construction Industry.

Mr. Raikar ‘s prime interest  is in structural repairs and conservation of Heritage Structures and has successfully restored and renovated over twenty five old prestigious heritage and archaeological buildings in India.

Achievements: He is solely responsible for developing first material testing laboratory in private sector of STRUCTWEL to receive accreditation based on ISO/IEC 17025: 1999 by NABL. With his able guidance, the laboratory conducts more than 240 tests covering the whole gamut of building materials. His team on the wheels can reach any remote site in India and perform all field tests. He has several Industrial Projects to his credit for Total Engineering and Project Management across India and has extensive experience in general repairs and restoration of industrial, commercial and housing complexes and is continuing with it.

 He is also associated with various educational institutions in terms of teaching. Having Authored more than 50 papers in National and International conferences he was appointed as Governor’s Nominee on the Buildings & Works Committee of the University of Mumbai and has  two national patents in innovation in machine development.


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